Gateway To India(G2i)

Gateway To India(G2i)

India is world's fastest growing market and leading investment destination for investors chasing the next big growth story. The opportunities and market potential is immense for everyone big or small company, start-ups or entrepreneurs or mere investors. The dual opportunity exists to cater to the world's biggest consumer base as well as take competitive advantage of skilled man-power to cater to the world. The present scenario offers the most stable political situation to take advantage of Make in India campaign and establish your foot print in high growth market.
Our managing partners have started this journey couple of years ago and translated into successful business story for their employers in India. There are opportunities for all and you should have guidance to make the right choice for your investment. We take pride to offer the expertise as your partner in the journey you intend to take in Indian growth story.  Our experience of doing business in India and Australia makes us unique to offer complete solutions to your business needs in this bilateral trade opportunity.
We are your local partners for Indian market and have local offices in India to support the services from the ground. Some of our exclusive services include :

Corporate services

- Assistance in company formation and setting up office in India including compliance with regulatory framework; corporate structuring and taxation;
- Introduction to other advisors including bankers, auditors, regulatory authorities and other statutory bodies.
- Finding joint venture partners suitable for your business
- Finding investment opportunity within growing start-up ventures in Indian silicon valley

Entry Strategy

- Formulate entry strategy for India covering both B2B and B2C markets
- Training your staff before you take off to provide valuable inputs for your staff members to deal in local market
- We provide guidance to set up sales and distribution channel in India for your business including hiring local staff

Partner Search

We work for you to find the right local partners for your business by undertaking complete due diligence, evaluation and financial credibility studies

Due Diligence

Complete due diligence of businesses, people and consultants prior you start dealing in the market

Sourcing partnership

- Vendor development services including IT outsourcing
- Procurement assistance service including finding suitable manufacturer and suppliers
Indian Operations
- managing and staffing the Indian operations including payroll, hiring of employees/contractors
-Laisioning for facility set-up and management both in Industrial parks and special economic zone
- Assistance with managing and laisionsing with government departments and bodies within the industry

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