Strategic Advisory Solutions

Strategy as defined by Dr. Vladimir Kvint as a system of finding, formulating and developing a doctrine that will ensure long-term success if followed faithfully. A strategy involves setting goals, planning actions to achieve those goals and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. In essence, it involves both strategic planning and thinking with immense faith and all efforts directed toward the success of it.

Strategy is different from vision, mission, priorities, plans and operational effectiveness. As stated by eminent thinker Michael Porter - the essence of strategy is choosing a unique and valuable position rooted in systems of activities that are much more difficult to match. It is the choice made by the organisation which will maximise the long-term value in the market.

The reality, however, is that many organisation are applying tactics in the absence of strategy. The short-term approach has overshadowed the long term value creation and systems have replaced the strategy. The organisations are constantly making changes in tactics due to volatile business environment but without any alignment to their strategy. There are others happen to be lucky to have a strategy in place but struggling with poor implementation and non-conducive environment.

Our experts are committed to helping business leaders and entrepreneurs to define, formulate and execute their strategies. We partner with our clients and work with them covering broad areas of their business

  • Review of the organisation structure, product lines and Service lines etc.
  • Identification of core and non-core activities for the organisation
  • Alignment of vision, mission and goals to implementable action plan
  • Identifying the right opportunities
  • Engaging in scenario planning and business analysis
  • Formulating strategies and Tactical implementation plan
  • Assessing risk management
  • Review of the strategic plan and tracking the implementation

Define: the Organisation, product, services, target market, customers, competitors, strategic mission & objectives

Develop: the strategic plan, scenario planning, risk management plan, change management plan & tactical strategic plan with measurable KPI's

Implement: the strategic initiatives and tactical plan , monitor, measure and control making necessary changes

Evaluate: the outcomes along with set strategic objectives and return the feedback

Our company believes in constant learning and innovating as it is necessary in today's business scenario to keep evolving and getting better every day. The change is only constant thing as such and static organisations do not have long life. We believe in forging meaningful partnership with our clients to create sustainable business through our combined efforts with partners.

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